Frequently Asked Questions

We keep all things at Pink Moon Camping really simple, but even simple things need clearing up. So here we answer your questions to help you understand all this stuff.

So how much is a Pink Moon Camping Accommodation?

This depends on which festival or event you are going to. Check each individual festival / accommodation page for more info on this.

Can I pay a deposit for my accommodation and pay the rest later?

Yes sure, we offer a pay 50% now and 50% later option under following conditions:-

  • Your total order value is over 100 pounds sterling or 100 Euros
  • Your order contains a tent within it

Simply make your way through our checkout and on the payment page, stage 4, you'll see the deposit option button. Simply choose to pay 50%, wait for the page to update and then click the "Pay Now" button. 

n.b.- the remaining 50% is required 8 weeks before the event.

How do I sign up or create an account with Pink Moon?

If you are a first time customer, your account will be automatically created with your first order. To start, simply choose your event, add products to your basket and proceed to checkout and pay. Your account details will be emailed to you along with your first order.

Can I book for more than one accommodation at a time?

Sorry, no. Each order must relate to one accommodation / one tent etc. This is so we know which accommodation to place accessories in. n.b. 

The persons allowed in the accommodation is strictly limited to the accommodation size stated on our products page. e.g. 3 people won't be allowed in to a 2 person tent etc...

Can I make a special request and choose where I am placed onsite?

Unfortunately all the pitches are already electronically allocated before Pink Moon arrive onsite and we cannot manually alter the site plan.  We are unable to meet special requests such as position in the row or nearer the facilities. 

Guests can however be pitched next to friends in the same size and tent type as long as they enter the same group name during the booking process. Please note this facility is only available until approx. 4 weeks before the festival. We can only put your next to each other not opposite.

If an accommodation states it is for 2 people, can we fit 3 persons in?

Sorry, no. The persons allowed in the accommodation is strictly limited to the accommodation size stated on our products page. e.g. 3 people won't be allowed in to a 2 person tent etc...

Is there a facility to charge my phone within Pink Moon Camp site?

Yes, phone charging is available to all Pink Moon guests. This is a free service and subject to availability. 

Please remember to bring your USB charging cable with you and please do not leave your devices unattended inside the mobile charging tent.

Can I add accessories to my tent after I've already placed an order?

Yes, simply raise a new order and add the required accessories. These will be matched to your account and placed with your accommodation. 

N.B. PMC wristbands and Festival Tickets cannot be purchased without accommodation, so any changes/additions for these accessories will need to be made by Pink Moon admin. Please email us at [email protected] for changes regarding PMC wristbands and Festival Tickets only.

Can I bring a campervan in to the Pink Moon Camp Site, either my own or a hired one?

No sorry, we do not offer campervan pitches at any of our festival sites.

Can I bring my pet with me?

With the exception of guide dogs, no animals are allowed on site.

Will the accommodation keep me warm and dry?

Sure, as long as you remember to shut the door, you'll be as snug as... and with hot showers and rather lovely loos - you've always got somewhere to spruce up before you catch your next band/crash out.

So how does the Pink Moon Camping service work then?

You book online - remember to personalise your Pink Moon Camping accommodation with accessories when you book too - and after that, it's over to us. We'll put your Pink Moon Camping accommodation together and take it down for recycling or re use at the end of the festival. There's a dedicated Pink Moon Camping team on hand to help throughout the festival. Your job.... have a wonderful weekend.

Do I have to set anything up when I arrive such as the tent or beds?

No, that's all part of the service. Your Pink Moon Camping accommodation will be ready and waiting for you when you get to the festival. Oh, and you can leave taking it down to us too. Please note standard tents do not have bedding included unless ordered as an accessory.

Eco-friendly? How's that then?

Every year tens of thousands of tents get left at festivals, with most of these destined for landfill, which we thought was a bit of a waste. Pink Moon Camping is a greener alternative and much less of a hassle to clear up. The tents are mainly made from recycled materials that we will reuse or recycle. Our tents are designed to be re used and our tents are the only ones in the world designed to be easily recycled.

How many people does a Pink Moon Camping sleep?

Subject to you chosen accommodation, between 2 and 8 people

How can I ensure that me and my friends will have Pink Moon Campings located next to each other?

When you book your Pink Moon Camping, make sure that you use the same "Group Name" for each booking. This will allow us to reserve your Pink Moon Camping next to each other providing you are all using the same style and size of accommodation. 

n.b. The Group Name facility will be available until 4 weeks before  the festival. After this point, you will not be able to specify or amend your Group Name. 

So, be sure to book early if you want to be located next to friends and family !

Where will the Pink Moon Camping village be located on the festival site?

This depends on the festival you are going to. Please check out the festival page for more information on this.

How big is the Pink Moon Camping accommodation inside?

Subject to you chosen accommodation, please see the respective dimensions

Are all tents pre-pitched?

Yes all tents are pre-pitched.

Do we have to hire one of your tents or can we book a space on your campsite to use our own equipment?

All accommodation must be booked through Pink Moon Camping you cannot book a space only unless you are booking our Gold Camping @ Rewind Festival or Silver Camping Pitch @ Electric Picnic Festival

If we book a tent can we put up a smaller tent next to ours to store items in?

Sorry, you can not erect other tents next to your accommodation due to site regulations.

Is the accommodation price per tent or per person?

The prices are for the type of accommodation not per person. 

n.b. The persons allowed in the accommodation is strictly limited to the accommodation size stated on our products page. e.g. 3 people won't be allowed in to a 2 person tent etc...

My order confirmation will not print with a visible barcode?

The barcode images come direct from our web server but you must have full access to the internet to receive this. You won't have any problems once you arrive onsite as we will be able to find your booking off your booking confirmation and group name - so no need to worry.

When can I expect my festival tickets to arrive and who do I contact if I have any queries?

If you have purchased Latitude Festival tickets with your accommodation they will be posted to you approx 10 days before the event. These will be Standard Weekend Tickets, your accommodation booking is your upgrade. If you have any queries please email [email protected] 

Will the site be in the same place as previous year?

When booking for an event, we cannot guarantee a specific location for your site. The festival dictates the areas we are allotted, and the size of the site depends on the number of sales. We do our best to tailor the site to fit the given land.